Restoration work continues...

Restoration work continues at the century-old Henry Ford Estate - and it is exciting to see all of the new discoveries and transformations unfold.

Conservator Mark Gervasi has been working on bringing back many of the interior fixtures to their original appearance. It is very detailed, meticulous work, but the results are stunning!

Take the chandeliers pictured above, for example. They are original to the Sun Porch and were manufactured by the Sterling Bronze Company, NY, in 1915. When Mr. Gervasi began his work, they were so coated with decades of dirt and grime that Henry Ford Estate staff thought the chandeliers were supposed to look black and dull, like the one on the left. By using delicate tools (much like those a dentist uses) and a series of chemical applications, Mr. Gervasi has uncovered the beautiful colors of enamel and gilt detailing that had been hidden for decades (see the one on the right)! Once finished, they will hang again in the Sun Porch as part of the complete restoration and re-creation of the room. Visitors will be able to experience this important room, in its entirety, as Clara and Henry Ford would have when they occupied Fair Lane.

When restoring a historic home, every detail counts. This is just one of the countless projects underway at the Henry Ford Estate. We are excited to share the progress with you. Stay tuned for more updates!