Fair Lane is fortunate to have the support of Affinity Groups. These groups all share an appreciation for and devotion to Clara and Henry Ford’s legacy.

They play an important role in advancing the restoration of Fair Lane. By becoming part of a Fair Lane Affinity Group, you and your fellow community members share:

  • A sense of community.
  • A commitment to honoring the Fords’ legacy
  • A dedication to the preservation of the Fair Lane Estate
  • Opportunities to connect and network.

  • Fair Lane Affinity Groups include:

    Dealer Advisory Group

    This dedicated group is comprised of Ford/Lincoln dealers from across North America. In 2015, recognizing their uniquely close connection to the man who put the world on wheels, dealers came together to establish the Dealer Advisory Group (DAG) to advise and guide the Campaign for Fair Lane.

    As one should expect from the industriousness of Ford dealers, the DAG set for itself an ambitious $3.5 million fundraising goal toward the ultimate Phase I goal of $25 million

    .Find more information about the Dealer Advisory Group here.

    Fair Lane Fellows

    The Fair Lane Fellows are comprised of young professionals from metropolitan Detroit who share a desire to preserve and perpetuate the values of Clara and Henry Ford.

    The purpose of the Fair Lane Fellows is to help build awareness of the importance of the estate and their beloved home Fair Lane. The Fellows will bring awareness to the initiative to restore, re-imagine and reopen Fair Lane; raise funds for this initiative and ongoing operation of the estate; and, work with staff to bring experiences to the estate that focus on and celebrate the Fords’ legacy of addressing social causes for the betterment of people in the region, nation and world.

    Be part of the Fair Lane Story!

    For more information on how you can be a part of these groups, please contact Brent Glass, Development Associate, at