Fordson Tractor 100th Anniversary

In 1917, Henry Ford and his son Edsel designed and launched the Model F tractor. To celebrate its 100th Anniversary, we have an exhibit in the historic Garage at Henry’s Fair Lane estate.

The exhibit features two 1920 Fordson Tractors, including one that has been fully restored. In addition, you can see other historic vehicles, videos, photographs and artifacts, telling the story of this fascinating piece of history.


Please Note: Garage hours are 11 AM-3PM Tuesdays-Sundays, except holidays, and subject to change. Times may vary depending on events and restoration staffing needs. It will be closed on Mondays and holidays. The Main House is closed during restoration.

About the Fordson


Hailed as the “Model T of the Soil,” the Fordson Model F was the first lightweight, affordable tractor the world had seen.

The labor and food shortage of World War I came to an end because of the Fordson tractor. It became the foundation on which American and European agriculture flourished in a changing world.

In 1915, Henry and Edsel Ford started a new company, Henry Ford and Son, Inc., to develop and produce tractors. Two years later, their team of engineers used the farm land at Fair Lane and the surrounding area to research and develop the tractor’s design. The first Model F came off the production line in Dearborn in 1917.


During World War I, there was a dire food shortage in Britain that could only be solved by the Fordson. With Henry Ford’s tractor, Britain and America overcame the food and labor shortages. This machine revolutionized agriculture by essentially turning the farm into a factory.

The Fordson also gave the farmer more leisure time, which allowed him to enjoy work and life more than ever before. Farmers worldwide credited the Fordson with vastly improving their work and their lives.



Henry set up a factory in Cork, Ireland—his ancestral home—in 1917. This was Ford’s first plant in Europe, spreading his influence further around the world.

The plant in Cork still exists today and is the only Ford Motor Company facility to bear the name “Fordson.” In fact, Cork Ireland is hosting its own celebrations this year to mark the 100th anniversary of the Fordson!


To learn more about Ford in Ireland and the 100th Anniversary, check out the Irish Examiner's Ford 100 project, including an interactive timeline:

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Photographs, from the top:
1. A poster showing the history of the Fordson Tractor, courtesy of The Henry Ford.
2. Henry Ford poses with a Fordson Tractor.
3. Lord Mayor of Cork, Ireland, Tomas MacCurtain, poses with a Fordson Tractor in 1920.
4. An early drawing of the Fordson Model F. Tractor.